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CA Edd - How do I find out the amount of $$$ I would receive befor deductions, so I can establish a Pin#???

by Brandon Pettus
(Westminster, CA, USA)

I call the automated service, I go through the process to try and see the status of my check that I have not received. It asks me to put in my social security #, I do so, then it asks me to enter the amount before deductions if i were to receive unemployment benefits for only one week. This is where I get stuck, I do not know the amount I would receive because I have not been given any such information. When I try to guess what it would be, the auto-service says the amount I entered does not match their files??? How do I find out the amount I would receive so that I can establish a PIN# thus finding out the info about why I have not received any check since I applied for EDD 4 weeks ago. I have even followed up on 3 separate continued claim forms and sent them in, still no check???

Please Help Me Thank You Very Much.

Hi Brandon,

I'm confused about exactly what you are trying to do? So, I'm going to ask you some questions.

1. Have you received a monetary determination establishing your "weekly benefit amount"?

2. Not so much a question, but affirming that since you first applied you have continued to file or (certify) your "continued claim for benefits" until at such time you actually do begin to receive benefits.

3. Have you received the non-monetary determination stating the State of California has found you eligible for unemployment based upon your separation from the work?

My guess is the state hasn't issued the monetary determination yet.

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Jun 06, 2014
cant get unemployment
by: Anonymous

I was layed off in sept I drew unemployment till april they said no more money I worked 30years and nothing what do I do.

I don't know what to tell you. Long term benefits are not being renewed. But then, long term emergency benefits were a real rarity prior to the recession and the typical duration of benefits has always been 26 weeks .. regardless of how many years someone has worked .. but then an employee doesn't pay an unemployment tax in all, but three states with a very nominal amount.

Don't know what state you are in, but maybe if you knew some states have even gone as far as to shorten that 26 week duration by six .. you might be thankful for those extra two months of benefits you did get (were they state extended benefits?)

What did you do for a living for thirty years?

Feb 20, 2009
Continued Q & A's
by: Brandon Pettus

I have not received any such " monetary determination " . But I am receiving Continued claim forms still. How is this so? I have filled out at least three continued claim forms and sent them in to EDD. I just want to find out the status on my check. Any Ideas????

There is no check yet. You are trying to check on the status of your claim, not your check.

You have to fill out the continued claim forms if you want to be paid for those weeks...when the state finally makes the decision as to whether you get benefits or not. Failure to do so will result in you not getting any benefits for those weeks.

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