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CA - Is vacation time considered hours worked?

by Rob H.


I'm currently receiving partial unemployment, where I'm required to report all hours worked within a two week period. Do the vacation hours I've built up over the last year, and use for a particular pay period count as "Hours Worked"?


Hi Rob,

That's a good question .. but you might want to confirm what I think with the state.

If you were totally unemployed you would have to report any vacation pay as well when filing your weekly claims, if you received it for that week.

In my state they have the question of whether you received any other type of pay including vacation pay .. and it is a separate question from the one that asks how much you earned by actually working for it.

It's still considered wages which is why you must report vacation pay.

So I don't believe they count as "hours worked", but as wages earned.

The difference and the reason I think you'll find another question under which to report the vacation pay is because a state needs to separate due to the fact that when someone is totally unemployed .. you can still receive money that will reduce your WBA, but has no effect on your ability and availability to work .. which of course is another issue they look for to make sure you are entitled to the benefits they pay you each week.

Hope this answer makes sense to you .. if not let me know ..


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Dec 09, 2009
Vacation vs. Working Hours
by: Rob H.

Hi Chris,

I was told to report all vacation hours as wages earned, but write on the form next to "Hours Worked" as "Vacation Time Accrued". It will be taken in consideration while calculating the weekly benefit amount.

Thanks again for your response, hope this helps someone else while on partial unemployment.

Rob H.

I want to thank you Rob. I wish more people would take the time to relay what they've found out from a state.


Dec 09, 2009
Vacaction vs. Hours Worked
by: Anonymous

Thanks Chris, I'll do some digging with the state's rule on that and let you know what CA has to say. Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you too Anonymous!!

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