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CA UI Benefits- I'm offerred a one day "black friday" job, how will this affect my unemployment?

by Alicia
(Moreno Valley)

I've been asked to work at a clothing store for Black Friday, but i'm worried if my unemployment will be affected. I was told by someone that if I worked under a certain amount of hours, I will still receive full benefits. The reason for my concern is because I am helping a family member and it is a bit of a drive for me. Can you please tell me how working one day can affect it?

Thank you!

Hi Alicia,

I sure can. As you know, if you earn any money in a week you are filing for benefits, you must report what you earned in that week .. whether you've been paid or not.

California, when computing your benefits amount will first disregard the greater of 25 percent of what you earned or $25 before they start reducing your weekly benefits amount.

So, let say you get 400 a week in benefits and you work one day and earn 80 dollars CA would disregard 25 dollars and reduce your benefits to 345 for that week. It's not a great deal, but not a bad deal either .. because that means you made 425 dollars that week.

Is that what you wanted to know?

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