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Ca unemployment and school


when i applied for unemployment in october the interviewer asked about my school and if i was available to work. I said yes, most of my classes were online. I was approved. I just started a new semester and i checked yes on the going to school box. BIG MISTAKE! Being honest. I havent gotten a check so i called in and they said i have to have another phone interview!!!!! OMG. What are they going to ask??? I already told them the first time that i would quit school for a new job. I wasnt working that is why i signed up for on campus instead of online!!! California is a mess. I guess next time i should lie, but such a scary person.

Whose scary?

California is one of the states that does provide fairly straight forward guidelines that lay out the requirements you need to fulfill and be aware of if you take college courses online .. or on campus.

The point of any investigation will always be the same.

Are you able and available to accept work when and if it is offered.

You availability for a job will always trump your attendance at school .. unless the A&A requirement is made a non-issue because you are participating in a program that allows for some kind of state approved training benefits.

It sounds like maybe up until this point you haven't been checking that box.

I assume that might be what raised a flag ..

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Dec 06, 2011
the first reply is wrong
by: Rusty

The poster did what he was suppose to. The box clearly states STARTED school or training, you do not mark the box every time.

It's people like the person that responded that have not a clue and act like we have done something illegal that muck up the system to this point.

The bottom line is the system is screwed up and they do anything they can to stop your benefits, even if you try to educate yourself further. Many people are laid-off do to no fault of their own and then put in this position when trying to go to school. I say don't tell those bastards! It will only hurt you.

Hi Rusty,

I was the person that responded and I do think I have a clue .. although I do admit to not having definitive answers many times due to the detailed questions which is the nature of unemployment investigations.

However, I take objection to my state of mind and that I had assumed the original poster did something illegal ..

I merely suggested, a possibility as to why they were informed of an investigative interview into their availability for work per whatever CA may require.

I think it is your advice "I say don't tell those bastards! It will only hurt you." ..which could cause people in this situation to be blindsided and unprepared for the unavoidable investigations which lead to fraud determinations and overpayments.


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