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CA Unemployment Employer claiming I quit a year and a half later!

by Liza
(H.B., CA)

I got unemployed Feb '08 and have been DESPERATE to find a job. I've been really unlucky and the only field that I can get into is straight commission jobs and I don't want to risk my income the way it had been before. I'm about to finish my fed-ed Extension (i have 2 more checks left if i don't find a job) and I just got a letter in the mail for a Telephone interview for the following questions:

"the reason why you left your job"
"why you are no longer working at this job"
"what caused you to quit the job"
"why did this cause you to quit your job"
and so on

First off... I DID NOT QUIT MY JOB! They tried to force me, but I refused. The economy had a downturn and the production had slowed down drastically and unfortunately I wasn't bringing in as many loans. My manager then informed me that she was going "to have to let me go"

First off... I thought you could only dispute unemployment within 20 days of EDD approving the unemployment

Second off... WHY THE HELL are they doing this now?

This money is beyond important. It's the only way we're staying afloat each month. My husbands going to be making more money soon but until then we need to have this income until I find a job!!

has this happend to anyone else?

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