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California base period problem

by Andrew
(Riverside Ca.)

This is a base period problem.

I was on unemployment from 11/29/09 getting $450 a week, It became to pain full to actually do the type of work that I do ( carpenter work ) so I went on disability on 5/4/10 and had a hip replacement. I am now fully recovered and ready to work. I was off disability on 1/4/11. I told unemployment that I was going on disability and gave them the date. They told me to call when I could work full time and they would re-open my claim. I can not contact them on phone after many tries, so I filed on line, because it was over a year from first unemployment start date, it had to be a new claim. But I did not make any money last year so it was denied. I am ready to work but construction in California is dead so I am unemployed. I have paid in for over 25 years with no claims and did not even use 1 extension when I was on it, shouldn't I be able to continue to collect my unemployment benefits?


Nope, doesn't work that way. California does not have .. what you need.

Under the best of circumstances you would need an extended base period.

California only uses the standard base period.

The first four of the last five completed quarter.

Beginning April 13, of 2011 they will start offering an "alternative base period which would be the last 4 completed quarters .. but even that wouldn't help you unless you find some work for now.

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