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California EDD Revoked My Benefits Because of My Tattoo Apprenticeship

by Clyde
(Los Angeles, California)

So I had my EDD benefits revoked because after my phone interview. They said my training (tattoo apprenticeship) is not approved for CTB and is preventing me from finding full time work.

My problem is they didn't even give me the option of quitting the apprenticeship to pursue regular hours employment.

I just received a CTB form and am wondering, am I better off just saying I’m no longer working the apprenticeship and am solely pursuing employment?

Is it already too late to not claim my apprenticeship? If so, what is my best option of getting my apprenticeship approved for CTB as far as availability and what not?

Chris's Response

Hi Clyde, your question will be moved to the Unemployment and School Q&As

I'm hesitant to do even the little bit of research I would have to do on your behalf to answer you because it's proven to be a waste of my time when someone apparently didn't read any other questions where my answer literally had to be more questions to get at the heart of the problem/issue with benefits such as ..

What originally happened to prompt the EDD to set up this phone interview?

What I think is you must of initially been approved to receive benefits and this means the problem you're having now, has likely been raised by you on one of those continuing claim forms.

Often times, it's not the A&A issue that can't be overcome, but the fact when someone is job training without the blessing of the CTB program, the person cannot produce a job search log to prove they made the minimum number of inquiries they reported they had
when filing for each week of benefits, or they don't report any wages they might be earning to supplement .. thus creating the scenario for a self-imposed misrepresentation of material fact disqualification, or fraud because they filled out the weekly claim form incorrectly .. and under penalty of perjury.

I know .. you, like other may say your error was an inadvertent error of not knowing how unemployment works in general, but tell me how one proves that they checked the wrong box by mistake about looking for work, at an appeal hearing.

I also can't say I'm surprised that tattoo apprenticeship, isn't eligible for CTB's (California Training Benefits), but it seems to me you should of known this had you performed the due diligence to assure the apprenticeship was on the state approved job training list.

Had you done this, you might of picked another training/apprenticeship program that resulted in a piece of paper excusing you from the job search requirement .. while training .. and I'm only assuming the training is without pay.

To answer your question - am I better off just saying I’m no longer working the apprenticeship and am solely pursuing employment?

Would that be the truth?

I fear you might be asking me to give my blessing for you to go ahead and commit intentional unemployment fraud .. and that is an unacceptable thing to do in my book, let alone the prevalent risk you might already be suffering the consequences of it if you're found guilty of unintentionally checking the wrong box on a continuing claim form saying you were looking for work, but had no job search log to prove that.

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