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California - How does working with a Temp Agency effect my unemployment federal extensions?

by Anonymous

I have been on unemployment for over a year now and currently under the 2nd federal extension. I am considering accepting a full-time contract work through a Temp Agency. After my contract period is over (about 3 months), would I be able to "re-open" my original claim and continue with my 2nd federal extension, or would I have to file a new claim and start all over? If I have to file a new claim, would the Temp Agency be considered my previous employer, or the company that I worked for under contract?

Hi Anonymous,

Well, I can answer part of your question, but the question about whether you will have to reopen or start a new claim .. collect your remaining extended benefits .. I'm just not sure.

Presently any Federal extensions end at the end of the year. But extensions are tied to a base period and I can't find information which explains .. well .. how extensions work .. I think there will be a problem if another federal extension is not passed .. getting the rest of your benefits. This is a question you will have to ask the state.

The thing I'm not clear about is if your current benefit year ends during your temp assignment .. what happens. Will they need to establish a new base period? If another extension isn't passed will the benefits dissipate? I just don't know. Sorry.

Who will your employer be after you accept a temp assignment through a temp agency?

The temp agency.

The employer is always the party that pays your wages and the UI tax on your wage.

I would welcome any explanations from those that do know something about extended unemployment benefits.

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