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California unemployment, California Worker Compensation claim and quitting my job due to medical reasons.

by Laura
(San Diego, CA)


CA state:
I have a shoulder and neck pain due to working on the computer for about 18 months now. I have been doing therapy via workers compensation for few months. Had a desk evaluation and adjustments twice. I do the exercise and breaks recommended. I go to accupuncture using my insurance every week. Nothing helps. The doctor I visited via the workers compensation mentioned that the only solution might be to change my job with some that does not require to be at computer for 8 hours. Will i receive unemployment? and what do i need to do to prove that i tried everything to fix the problem.

Thank you!

Hi Laura,

You need to document.

Sometimes the list of things one can do to try to preserve the job .. is a short list. Have you asked the employer to find a position that will allow you to get well as suggested by the "worker comp" doctor?

Do you have a "real" documented medical recommendation or was this verbal? Has the doctor mentioned any permanent problems that could develop for you if you continue to go on as you are?

Here's the link to the benefit determination guide which includes discussions about unemployment for quitting due to health reasons VQ 235 I believe section B under general describes the elements of concern as to whether you will get unemployment.

And since you currently have an open worker comp claim you should probably visit this page to get more information about California State Worker Compensation. I do not claim to have any expertise in worker comp issues .. except maybe as it relates to unemployment benefits and I know that quitting while you have options available to explore through your worker comp claim .. is not beneficial to getting unemployment benefits.

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