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California Unemployment - Going back to work.


I am presently on unemployment. I have an opportunity to work for my last employer for a one month term. How will that affect my unemployment? I have been receiving benefits for two months, and qualify for the full term.


If you work part-time you might still get a partial amount of your WBA. If you work full-time you won't, but you should still continue to file. Then when the short-term work ends .. you can go back to collecting .. and I'm sure the EDD will investigate .. they always seem to do so.

But I want to warn you now .. if you refuse the job .. your employer will tell the state you refused and it will raise an issue with it's own special disqualification for "refusal of work".

Disqualifications for refusal can be found in Table 5-11 of the Nonmonetary Chartbook.

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