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California Unemployment Hearing. I caught my employer in a lie.

by j

i had my appeal hearing and the whole hearing was testimony no physical evidence.i caught the employer in a few lies. whats the chances that you win?


I have no idea what your chances are .. simply because I don't know what lies you caught your employer in and when there is no documentation .. just testimony.

It amounts to a decision based on "credibility".

Or who the ALJ believes is telling the truth.

I see clouds in the sky. Will it rain?

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Aug 28, 2014
lies, coaching and a bias appeal
by: Anonymous

the judge asked for phone and text records from employer because it would show who is not telling the truth I was supposed to get a copy but didn't.

Who are you? And how does your comment apply to the title for you comment?


May 26, 2011
My employer lied at EDD correction
by: Anonymous

All started in 08 when I was at the end of MA Program, started my extern at the place where I was hired at the end of my hours.

Due to the economy starting to crash, I was offered very low for what I went to school for - $10/hr 1x/mo, no direct deposit if I wanted, I was told that I had to pay $25 fee for that (no way)but chances of me getting another at that time required 2 1/2 to 3 years of experience on the resume or else good luck!

So I took it. Worked hard, worked lunches without getting paid for, when I had to leave at lunch, I had to explain why. I clocked in and out, for many months never clocked out for lunch.

We had a "finger print clock" for our hrs, found out later that the doctor could adjust as he wished.

Over the mos. My co-worker changed, new grad, cheap. In her first few months she noticed the difference on her checks.

Nov. 2010 I had it, I told him that I wanted the print out of my hours, not only that, but I wanted the print out from the time I started to that date. His response? "Oh I accidentally deleted your time-sheet when I added your new co-worker but let me look." What?

Weeks went by and not a word. Then on Jan 14 we both signed a paper requesting those time-sheets to make it official since he played dummy.

Then on Feb 26 he called us individually and gave us our time-sheet (the one deleted?) with some overtime on it. How much? About $400. Didn't explain where those came from, so I opened the check afterwards of course expecting my lunch hours there. I told him it was fair to pay me for what I worked.

Attitude changed the next day, ignoring me, so I kept doing my job. Then the Fri before V. Day he told me I could have off, so I did.

Mon Feb. 14 V. Day - end of the work day, he called me at his office: "Well, since business is not doing so well and you seemed unhappy about your job, I feel like is time to let you go and here's your last check".

Just like that, no warnings, no 2 weeks notice, nothing. So I was upset and did give him a piece of my mind for the last 21/2 years and that I was gonna go after my OT.

I applied for unemployment only to find out over the phone that the doctor lied about me, saying I was having poor performance issues in the last couple months and that I had developed a bad attitude against my subordordinate and that I was always unhappy. a

And, that I tried to quit twice, but he was generous enough to give me a 2nd chance.

Then he presented to the judge a made up letter signed by my co-worker stating I had a bad attitude, never had any problems with lunch hours, BS.

I had txt msgs from her too. So the judge told me read them... I read the 1st one which was not the one it had more incriminated statements from her in regards of our hrs. So I read this first one from Feb 14 the day I was let go: "He is a low blow bastard I will be out of here as soon as I find a job". What to do next? Isn?t that FRAUD, SLANDER DEFAM. OF CHARACTER AND WRONGFUL TERMINATION? thx

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