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California unemployment while working part time.

by yadira
(California Unemployment - Partial Benefits)

California unemployment while working part time.

I've been trying to find an answer to this, but have just gotten more confused.

I currently receive $262 a week on my full UI claim before taxes. I have taken a part time job were I will be working about 25 hours a week for a pay of $250 before taxes as well.

While I can work no more or less a set schedule changes weekly.

I am just wondering if I qualify for unemployment because I am taking home less now with babysitting expenses.

While I still will be looking for a full time position its good experience for my medical assistant career. Also does unemployment contact your new employer if so for what reason.

Hi Yadira,

Let's get the last ? out of the way. Unemployment usually only contact employers when they find out you're no longer working for them and that's when people end up losing their entire benefit amount .. if it is found to be a disqualifying reason for separation.

Your question is about California partial unemployment benefits and that is nothing more than a formula (See table 3-8)

Here's how I read it, but you need to confirm for yourself.

About $62 of your wages will be disregarded every week bringing the earnings that will have an effect of reducing your benefit to $188.

since you receive $262 in benefits and $188 in earnings will reduce .. dollar for dollar your WBA.

I say you should expect about $84 dollars a week from unemployment.


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