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California - working while collecting unemployment.

by Jeff
(San Diego, CA, USA)

Can you collect unemployment benefits, while starting a sales position as a 1099 employee and not expecting to make any money for the first 3-4 months? And continue to collect your unemployment benefits during that time period?

I'm not sure. I would think as long as it does not interfere with your being able and available for full-time regular work and as long as you report any money earned so the state can pay you partial benefits and also comply with whatever California requires for job searching it should not be a problem. By the way partial unemployment is defined as less than full-time work and earning less than your weekly benefit amount.

But so you can understand thoroughly, I suggest you read the "Able and Available" and "Total and Partial Unemployment" sections of the California Eligibility Guide. I took a quick look and I think that's where your answer is.

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