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call back to work FOR LESS MONEY & NO BENIFITS


I worked for a company for fifteen years.Over the years with raises i made 18.00 & benifits. The company laid me off. Icollected for over a year. the company now called me back and wants to pay me 14.00 and no benifits. I refused to go back for the rate. I have a family an that does not sound suitable to me, but the state of PA CUT MY BENIFITS.Can you give me any advice please. THANK YOU CHRIS......

Hi George,

Well, I'll tell you .. if it were me .. I would appeal on principle whether the appeal can be proven to be valid or not.

Four dollars an hour less does not seem consistent to me either with what SHOULD be considered suitable work .. although I'm certain it's more than unemployment compensation.

I'm not sure whether PA will consider the new conditions of no benefits when deciding the suitability either.

I do know they consider labor market statistics for what the average going rate of pay is for similar type work as far as what is "suitable".

If you want help with your appeal and hearing, the first hearing reps I found to include on my new earing rep referral listh are located in PA ..

In the meantime let's just ponder what PA shares about suitable work.

As for me, I'm thinking four dollars equals very close to a 22 percent reduction to do the same job you were doing before you were laid off.

I do not know if PA has a specific percentage that draws a line in the sand as to when a reduction in wage becomes good cause to quit .. but it is what I would use as a marker for refusing the same work I used to do because it has become unsuitable due to prior experience and prior earnings in the same job.

Will this BS of trying to manipulate those that have hard for an employer for years .. never end:(

Frankly, George .. I have just about reached the limits of my patience with these "poor struggling employers" .. and state unemployment depts. too.

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Feb 08, 2012
reduced wages
by: Anonymous

my weekly wages was reduced to less I will like to know what is the problem i cannot live on the amount of $87.00
Thank you

You did not give enough information.


Dec 10, 2010
call back
by: Anonymous

Thank you Chris for getting back to me so soon.I"ll have to check on the pay reduction scale in my great state of pa.

The only place I have found PA decisions relating to unemployment is here.

Not the best when it comes to researching unemployment issues, but it's the best I can offer when it comes to PA .. which I'm certain is a beautiful state at least as far as what I've seen on the travel channel:)

All states should be required to do what California has done with their "benefit determination guide .. just an opinion.

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