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Called back to work on a temporary basis in Michigan for Clerical Specialist - Technical Support

by Dawn Kruse
(Lincoln Park, MI)

I've been laid off since October 2009. This employer is now starting to call back people for a full-time however temporary position (3-4 months). If I am called back and take this position am I still eligible for the rest of my unemployment (4 weeks) as well as the extension that was just approved yesterday, July 20, 2010? Also this is at

a lower pay rate than what I used to get from WCAA.

They passed the federal unemployment extension? I haven't heard they passed it yet .. just that since Senator Byrd's replacement was in place .. they expect to soon pass it.

Do you really think whether you will be able to collect your remaining balance and further extensions should be the primary concern right now?

Why aren't you more concerned about your former employer providing information on a claim they are liable for that you refused suitable work (see Chapter 13) and having to pay back any benefits you might receive between now and when the UI department stops paying you benefits?

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Jul 22, 2010
Temporary Position
by: Dawn Kruse

Apparently you didn't understand the question. I want to go back to work however when the position ends will I be eligible to collect unemployment again to pay my bills. I was looking for an answer not criticism.

In fact I did understand the question, but you failed to provide "specific" BYB and BYE dates for me to give a specific answer to you, let alone the fact that I still have no idea how long extensions will be extended.

So my answer was not meant to be critical, but cautionary to not just you, but possibly, one of the thousands of other visitors who might read the answer.

Please don't take offense Dawn .. none was intended, but I'll give you this, after rereading my response .. My words may have sounded abrupt and I personally, may have made an incorrect presumption about "why" you were asking the question in the first place.

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