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called into work because of illness - A worker comp issue.

by Anonymous

I went to Dr on tuesday and the dr took me out of work because of my neck, i took the dr note into work. they called me wed morning to tell me that worker's comp is not going to pay me for being out and that i must return to work because they called my dr and asked him to release me for light duty even knowing i couldn't move my neck and he i guess agreed so on thursday i called in and said i wouldn't be there due to the fact i still can't move my neck. so now HR has called and left a message for me to call her.

Hi Anonymous,

Did you hurt your neck at work? I only know about Worker's comp as it relates to unemployment benefits sometimes, but I'm having a problem with your employer calling your doctor and discussing your "condition". I realize an employer may be able to require information from a worker's comp doctor, but I don't quite get how an employer can influence a doctor to actually rescind his advice that you be off work.

Call a lawyer.

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