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calling bosses son an a$$hole and not calling in 3 times aday

by mak
(Riverside, California)

I was given the reason: that I did not call in 3 times a day to the office. The offices had told all the service guys to call in 3 times a day a week before. But when we called in, no one ever knew what was going on and would put me on hold or pass me to someone else. I am a service tech and am very busy, so I would miss calling in 3 times a day and only make it 2 times. That happened for two days.

I also called the boss an asshole because he took my company work truck that I left running in front of the office and parked it around the corner and took off with my keys....making me late for my first job of the day.

Hi Mak,

Is that all it said on your termination notice .. a failure to call in three times a day?

How many prior warnings have you had for rule violations?

What does the policy state as far as progressive discipline that you can expect.

This is what's important.

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by: Anonymous

Yes I filed the night that I was fired. I have a phone interview on the 5th of May. Thank you for all you do!

by: Mak

I did not get a notice...I was called in to the office in and told be the head guy in my department that I was being fired. That was it. No one ever got my side of the story. The rule about calling in was told to us the week before. Not in writing, nor did we have to sign anything.


Have you filed for unemployment yet? Since the employment situation seems like it was sort of loose .. it may come down to simply a matter of who sounds more credible.

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