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Can a layed off part time worker file for unemployment benefits?

by Lisa S.
(Woodland Hills, CA)

I've been working for a small business for 4 1/2 years. Two years ago my hours went from 40 to 20/week because the business was having trouble. Now I've been told that my position is being eliminated in two weeks and I'll get two weeks severance pay. Can I apply for unemployment benefits?

Also, there is a possibility that they may offer to put me on some sort of monthly retainer or contract my work as needed. How would that affect any unemployment benefits?

Hi Lisa,

Yes you can file .. you could have filed two years ago when they first reduced your hour .. as it is now .. your high quarter wages could result in a lower WBA.

Since you're not clear on what type of employment you might have with them in the future .. it's worth your time to read up on benefits while "self employed" and to understand what an employee is and whether being a contractor is still covered employments.

Two Resources

"Coverage Chartbook at the USDOL (just click 2009)

Section AA360 of the CA determination guide It's also where you can find info about the difference between total and partial benefits.

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