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can a person get fired for refusing to work out of town or out of state?

by Shawn

i have a job coming up soon that will require me to stay out of town for a number of weeks. i work construction. this is the first time he has asked us to do work out of state. i have legit reasons why i may not want to go. can i be fired?

Hi Shawn,

It depends. I think it would depend on what the conditions of employment were upon hire. Of course you can be fired, but you're here to find out if you are fired for .. probably insubordination, if you can collect unemployment benefits.

It would be very helpful if I knew what your "legit reasons" were. How long you've worked there, etc. If you have told the employer you can't do it and why.

Some construction jobs do require travel .. my Dad often had jobs that only enabled him to come home on the weekends once or twice a month, but he took these jobs knowing full well they would require him to be away.

If you take a job which only requires 8 hours a day and then you go home .. and all of a sudden you are expected to spend weeks away from home .. that a substantial change in the conditions of employment.

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