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Can a person who worked 8 hrs. TOTAL, over a year ago, get approved for unemployement wages?

by Jennifer
(New York)

I had an individual who was hired and worked 8 total hours in my store, over a year ago. She also worked at another company, fulltime. That company recently shutdown. She applied for unemployment wages and was denied by the other company. Why did NY State approve unemployment wages to her through my company? Even though she only worked for me 8 hours.

I would have to know the details of her claim, but I suspect those 8 hours she worked for you were simply a part of her base period.

You, however, wouldn't be the employer charged for benefits based on eight hours.

The question I have, however is how do you know she lost her fulltime job due to a "shutdown" (which would be a lack of work claim making her eligible to collect, by the way) and that she was denied benefits by this company .. which make little sense .. unless she didn't monetarily qualify at all.

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