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Can a Pregnancy Be a Cause for Workplace Discrimination?

by Chris

Discrimination is often cited as the reason someone chose to quit their job, but proving it as good cause to quit, or the real reason you were fired, is tough to do if you don't keep good documentation of what an owner, supervisor, or manager, or an HR person (someone with authority to tell you what to do at work) does to you, or against you, or ignores, if you complain and your complaint is related to a protected class where discrimination occurs.

The EEOC tells us there are types of discrimination based upon ..

Equal Pay/Compensation
Genetic Information
National Origin
Sexual Harassment

Today, I received another question that had me taking another look at what may constitute
pregnancy discrimination per the EEOC guidelines. tThey changed the location and travel distance of her job, thus making it impossible for her to get back to the daycare to pick up her newborn .. before closing time.

My advice .. check out the information about what employers can and should not do to employees exercising their right to take an FMLA protected maternity leave.

The EEOC begins it's information about pregnancy discrimination with ..

Pregnancy discrimination involves treating a woman (an applicant or employee) unfavorably because of pregnancy, childbirth, or a medical condition related to pregnancy or childbirth.

Seems to me she may fit
the mold for what not to do to employees who are pregnant, or recuperating from it while bonding with their newborn.

Why? Because her employer significantly altered the terms and conditions of her eight years of employment, while she was still on an approved maternity leave.

Now, I'm not sure if her situation might be a violation of the FMLA (family medical leave act, the PDA (pregnancy discrimination act), or both. But I also think enough has happened that it has been documented, that it would send me on a visit to a labor lawyer to actually become more informed as to whether the employer is crossing legal boundaries and if there might be some chain to yank on and get the employer to back off trying to get her to end her own job.

Federal protections for employees are the basic minimum rights in the workplace in all fifty states.

Exercising a right like to not be discriminated against because you're a woman who if an employer is trying to take advantage of what they don't think we know know, like if an employers actions are also prohibited illegal practices, is frequently an important, but missed step, when you quit a job and can't show why your decision to quit was actually attributable to the detrimental actions of an employer that would show your choice to be constructed by the employer.

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