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can a staffing agency be this untimely?

by nicholas

worked for in late 2012,had to quit assignment early for good reason.filed timely for unemployment was approved received many today almost two years later staffing co.wants money back,claiming i quit without good cause. why so untimely every check i get they get a listing/copy of it.they could have stopped ui checks two years ago.can they wait this long?

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Nov 23, 2014
I think it's the Michigan Unemployment Department
by: Chris

Recently, I've heard from a number of unemployed people from the state of Michigan you have been waiting months for a redetermination and then more months for an appeal hearing to be scheduled .. completely in contradiction to federal guidelines for administering unemployment

Sounds like a very disorganized agency and I'd tell you yes, two years is way past time for a timely appeal, but what you don't know for sure is whether the staffing agency actually did timely appeal your benefits, and the state of MI might of mislaid it, or not gotten round to it for some reason.

Here's how I would be thinking about this .. if it were me.

If it was a late appeal, the issue of timeliness and/or good cause for an untimely appeal should also be listed on a hearing notice, along with the voluntary quit issue.


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