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Can a wife start a business at the same time her husband is recieving unemployment benefits

My husband is receiving unemployment benefits and I am starting my own business. My husband believes that we can't do that while he is receiving benefits.

I just want to know what the right thing is so we do the right thing.

Am I able to start the business while he receives benefits, or do we have to notify the unemployment department to cancel his benefits?


Do you plan on using your husband's name as the owner of the business?

Other than this .. If it's only your husband receiving unemployment then he's the only one that could endanger his future ability to collect unemployment if the UI dept assumed he was the one starting the business and since that is a lot of work that he is not looking for, or available and willing to accept suitable work when it comes along.

What you do to try to earn a living .. is none of their business if the business is in only your name and you're not collecting.

Good luck to you,


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