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can cursing keep you from getting unemployment benefits?

by darryl
(san diego ca usa)

i was fired from my job for saying damn at work, but in the paper they sent me telling me i wasnt getting my benefits, they said it was because i told another employee that i would knock her out, the employee in question can give proof that i didnt threaten her in anyway can i win my appeal or will i still be denied because i said damn, and if so do i have to try to appeal that too?

Well, all I can tell you that I think you should appeal, but it's the winning of the first hearing that is crucial .. because further appeals dramatically, decrease any chance of winning.

Further appeals are no longer about what "happened at work to end the job" they are about errors made by the hearing officer and or department in the process of creating the "record" which is made at that first appeal hearing.

Moved your question to unemployment appeals ..

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