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Can ex-military collect unemployment in any state?

I will be exiting the military with an honorable discharge in a few months and i was wondering if I can collect massachusetts unemployment because they have the highest rate. I will be living in Ohio and i have never worked in the state of massachusetts before.


Just a guess, but I would say since the feds closed up the loophole that allowed someone to go on vacation to Mass .. just to file a claim for unemployment so they could collect the highest weekly benefit amounts the country had to offer ... they closed it for their own unemployment claims too.

UCX benefits are paid by whatever branch you're in. Whatever state you file in is the state that determines the monetary amount, but I'm going to take a stab that it's also the state you have to be located in after you get out and looking for work in.

If you find out different let me know .. it's kind of a unique situation and question .. and I'd be curious to know for sure.

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