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can extended UI benefits be cut off if called back for holiday work with full intention of being let go again?

by Jonathan
(Milwaukee WI)

Just wondering if my old employer has ulterior motives in calling me back after being let go 9 months ago. They want me for holiday work and will be let go after Christmas. Is it possible that the extended benefits I now enjoy but have not fully exhausted could be denied after being let go again?

It is my understanding the whole reason any employer ever fights a UI claim is because what they pay into the system depends on how many people they let go who are drawing benefits.
If this is true and they call me back for 4-5 weeks work, can it be possible that the rules which apply to various extensions would no longer apply to me.
I am in WI and have long since exhausted the original 26 weeks of benefits provided directly by the state.


Hi JK,

Interesting question. And when it comes to extensions .. I do not claim to know more than all of you getting extension. Mainly, because the current situation of extensions is unheard of. It used to be that hitting the marks for extensions to come into play was like trying to get a rusty gun to fire.

I seriously doubt the motive is for anything except that they need experienced help for the holidays.

I do look for information that can help you or anyone understand your their situation .. even when it comes to extensions. Because as with all issue of unemployment .. the benefits vary from state to state depending on the unemployment rate.

I suggest you go to

I really like this website. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you land on, there's a map. Click your state and scroll down. There's a lot of information about extensions.

Even though an employer's account is charged for the initial 26 weeks, extensions are due to very high unemployment rate and benefit exhaustions.

The latest round of federal extensions are being financed by an extension of a federal surtax on an employer's payroll right now. This surtax was extended through the middle of 2011.

So in conclusion, the only reason I can see that you might not be able to get benefits again and the employer could throw a monkey wrench into it is if after the holidays they offer you further work even if part-time and you refuse.

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