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can i ask for a copy of the response filed with unemployment by my employer?

by linda
(new Jersey)

Can i get a copy of what my employer sent to unemployment? I was collecting unemployment until my claim ran almost a year and a half later NJ is telling me i was not eligiable and want me to repay the money. I am of course appealing this. The problem is that everyone in the corperate office is new and unaware of what transpired before. i need the paperwork originally filed from them to aid in my appeal. i was asked to resign for personal reasons ,because of that bogus documentation is in my file(soap opera stuff really!!!)the original paperwork sent to unemployment from my employer should contain the truth.

Yes you can get a copy of the state file .. at least you should be able to, but you do not need it file the appeal you need a part of your personnel file to submit into evidence for the unemployment hearing and do you really know if the employer even submitted documentation to the state?

It's not a bad thing that there is no longer anyone at the company with first hand testimony to offer at an unemployment hearing.

That in fact is a good thing for you.

Understand your issues.

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Nov 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

I don't know if they did which is why i want the file, the old head of HR was fired a few months after me and according to the new HR person, it is in my file that i left on my own to open a business...don't know where that even came from

Is that why they want you to repay benefits .. because your employer told them you opened a business?!!!

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