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can i be denied benefits on a new claim stating i quit my job that on my old claim it was determined I didnt

I was laid off in april due to lack of work at a security job, one per shift got laid off. Applied for unemployment and was accepted. 2 weeks later I had a phone interview for " possibly quitting my job without good cause" It was determined by an examiner that I didnt quit and I won and continued to collect.

In October when my claim ended, I reopened and collected for 2 weeks before I had another phone interview because my old company said i refused work (which I didn't) It was determined that i quit back in April and i was denied my benefits.

I have an appeal next week, what i wanna know is should I have a good chance of winning since it was already determined i didn't quit back in april, how can that change and also that not only is this a new claim now, but the interview was for possibly refusing work and they determined i quit back in april...


How'd that hearing turn out for you?

You didn't include the state .. which is of course relevant to your question .. and of course so are the details regarding the layoff.

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