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Can i be denied my unemployment because i found a job after i was denied and had to file for an appeal? Oklahoma City

by Anonymous
(Oklahoma City)

Well after waiting a month and a half before my date was given to me i excepted a job making $6.85 a hr not enough to pay any of my bills.I called in to ask if i still had to report payments considering the amount i was recieving and the rep told me "NO",so i didnt.Now my claim has been stopped and i havent been paid.They owe me over $3,000 in back pay.I have lost my car,and all my bills are getting behind.They also sent me a debit card which was suppose to have $540.00 on it for my 1st payment i recieved but when i went to withdraw to pay my rent i was only givin $512.00.I would like to know what is going to happen,can they take away my unemployment because i did what the rep told me???

Hi Anonymous,

I need to ask a question. Are you now working full-time?

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