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can i be fired for overtime even after i had already worked 53 hrs.

our shop is on mandatory 56 hrs. per week.5 10s and 6 on saturday. on wednesday i put in a request to work 4 hrs. on saturday in stead of six. i had made a tax appt. and it was for 1030 am i could work for 4 hrs. my supervisor waited untill friday afternoon to tell me i couldnt go. by that time i couldnt in a timely way reschedule another appt. she told me there would be conciquences but i thought i would be written up. but i got fired. also most of the other girls went home early saturday in anger and did not get fired.


Depends on the state. Most states actually only require a person be paid for overtime because of the FLSA, but some take it a step further and make their labor laws more employee friendly .. including language about notification.

Whatever state you live in plus labor law ought to get you to the correct website to investigate.

Another thing you might look into is that the denial of your request to leave early was unreasonable and the termination even more unreasonable since other who left early that day weren't fired.


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