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Can I claim umemployment is I requested to work less hours and my boss wants me to get leave of absence??

I talked to my boos about not having a babysitter for the summer and that summer camp will only be till noon time so I requested to work only till noon and she came up to me today and said that I should just take a leave of absence so that she could hire a full-time person to cover for me untill school starts again! and I cant afford to be without a job....even its little hours it helps so I told her that I would clain umemployment and she said "no you can only do that if I lay u off but im not I just want someone here fulltime and you cant untill your kids go back to school" but to me thats fireing me, letting me go or lay off?? am i right?? and can i claim unemployment???

Just curious if you read any of the questions or used the search bar on this page about quitting because that's where I moved your question to and I know there's nothing on the page for testimonials that would help you.

Why don't you tell me about how you exhausted all alternatives to find daycare in an effort to preserve your employment .. because that is what will be looked at to resolve the question of whether the employer is being unreasonable with their response to your request to "alter the conditions of employment".

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