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Can I claim unemployment if i am fired inside 90 days in Florida

I was working for a company for almost 2 years and was laid off due to the economy and the slow down. I have been out of work for almost 2 months now. I have finally gotten an offer however the offer is not what I thought it would be,it is 100% commission sales job in a start up market. The new company has very strict guidelines that almost seem unreal. I do not want to turn it down due to the lack of offers however it almost seems destined to fail and I feel uneasy about the offer. My questions is if I except this position and am laid off for what ever reason inside the 90 days will I be able to go back on unemployment?


Forget the 90 day thing .. In Florida that only matters to employers due to a noncharging provision.

Think of it just like you would any job.

If you're laid off due to a "lack of work" you're good to collect your previous benefits.

If you quit, the quit must be investigated before benefits can be paid again .. they need to make sure it was a quit with good cause .. which means it must be attributable to the work.

If they fire you for not attaining unrealistic sales goals .. again, the separation must be investigated before you be able to start collecting benefits.

If you refuse the job .. which most states ask when you file .. were you offered any work? Did you refuse any work? It creates and issue .. same as quitting and must be investigated. They will very likely suspend benefits until they decide one way or another if you refused "suitable work".

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