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Can I collect any type of unemployment after leaving a position in good standing in PA to move to TX for aging parents?

by Lisa
(League City, TX)

I left a very good paying position in PA in very good standing to move back to TX to help aging parents who are debilitating rapidly. I also moved for my own mental health reasons--the winters are extremely hard for me in PA--but stayed up there til my youngest was in college. My previous employer even worked out a half time position to work remotely from TX until Dec 31 because we have a good working relationship.

But I've *still* not found full-time work after moving here 4 months ago. I was at an exec level position--and have even applied to Exec Asst positions in TX--but I keep getting feedback that I am over-qualified.

I don't want to screw my previous employer--they've been very good to me--but is there any recourse for me to get some type of unemployment from TX until I can get back on my feet (I just received a pre-eviction notice from my apt).

Thank you.

Hi Lisa,

Not from Texas you have no qualifying wages in TX .. maybe an outside chance of partial benefits from PA depending on under what circumstances you took the half time position.

And I have a big doubtful question mark about those circumstances being qualifying for benefits.

PS Unemployment benefits are never given on basis of financial need.

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