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Can I collect benefits if I have to move due to my lover's military duty? (Florida)

by Matthew
(Orlando, FL)

In one of your earlier questions, you were asked if it is possible to collect unemployment benefits if you quit a job, and your response was "NO, unless you are following a spouse with military orders". Well, my question is: how does that apply to gay couples? My lover is going back into the Navy, and I will have to leave my current job because we will be moving. Of course, we have no court documents to show we are 'together', so how does the law apply to this case? Could I collect unemployment if I showed a copy of his military orders?

Hi Matthew,

According to the resource I use for this question, which is the USDOL it has to be a spouse .. I will make an assumption that it applies irregardless of whether the spouse is the same sex or opposite.

I will also make an assumption that the state must recognize same sex marriages. And that's a short list.

But even if you lived in one of the states on that short list .. you'd still have to be married.


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