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Can I collect beneifits in California? fired for excessive tardiness?

by james
(Los angeles, ca.)

Been at my job almost six years. He totally hates me because I am the one that brings up health issues in the workplace (working with electronics and solder fumes)

and because he's bi-polar. He is also verbally abusive and ignores concerns of the employees. I had times when I was late a lot and about two years ago he made me sign a contract saying I agreed I would be terminated if I was late again. He took away my already earned vacation pay( about $500) and denied me a christmas bonus for being sick one day the previous week(I was the only one to not get a bonus). ---i guess the point is he's a A-hole, really!
and he fired me a few weeks ago after I called in 30 min late and said I was sorry and was on my way.
I have been going through a divorce, having sleep problems,
anxiety and depression, and had to move like 30 min away to afford a place to live after my divorce. He was rarely understanding of any complicated situations and even a jerk about being sick.----So he has lots of documentation(probably some that are lies) about my lates.
What can I do?
I only need to collect for a few weeks, til I get work.
Any help???????

Hi James,

Tell me, how many times have you been late since you "signed an agreement not to be late anymore?

Why were you late?

It actually doesn't sound very good for you, but let's see if you have anything worth giving it a try.

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