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Can I collect if fired for mishandling of company money?

I am employed as a manager at retail non-for-profit. I have trouble balancing stores money at end of the day. I try. But have trouble organizing large sums of money. Have been written up for it. I will be terminated in the future for this problem. Can I collect unemployment? Have worked for 1 year for this employer. Thank you.

Hi Anonymous,

Please understand that I can only react to the information provided to me and the information you provided leads me to answer in the negative.

I always tell everyone that the devil (misconduct) is either in the details or that the details may offer the opportunity to banish the devil.

This is why the questions and answers are here to lay a foundation for you to gain understanding about this process of proving or disproving a cause for an action that ends employment.

So the question always is .. what do you have that will help you show there was no willful misconduct.

This is also why I provide consultations. To discuss details specific to your situation .. possible strategies to overcome what appears to be an in the bag case for your employer.

The questions and answers provide a lot of insight into the questions you need to ask yourself to make your own determination as to whether there may be a way to collect unemployment.

What are some of the things I would ask you about?

Prior training and experience you possessed that made the employer hire you in the first place.

The reasons for the cash shortages or overages.

Whether other people had access to your drawer ever and especially regarding the incident that gets you fired.

Whether you have ever asked the employer for more training or discussed your "inability" to balance.

Are there other performance issues?

Do people get unemployment when discharged for mishandling of funds? Yes. Are people denied unemployment for mishandling of funds? Yes.

The results are in the details and the focus you choose or your presentation of the relevant key points.

As I see it, your major problem is that you are the manager. How does someone become a manager and remain a manager when they can't balance a cash drawer.

Funny thing is .. this fact could be used to your advantage under the correct conditions.


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