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Can I collect if I have a job but am no longer getting paid?

Can I collect if I have a job but am no longer getting paid?

I have been working for a company for over a year and a half and recently they hired 3 new people and told me they no longer had any shifts available for me, although they have not fired me or let me go. Can I collect unemployment without quitting or being let go if I am not getting any shifts? They will not let me pick up any shifts either. So, they basically won't let me work but won't let me go. This has been going on for 3 weeks now.


First of all, do you have any emails of you asking for shifts and the employer responding something like .. Not at this time .. check back later?

You need to understand that some employer's are just cowards and afraid of "confrontation".

But they always seem to not be afraid to finally confront the issue when the person files a claim for benefits .. and then .. sometimes they even lie about the reasons you are no longer working.

File the claim .. you should have when you first stopped getting shifts .. but do try to make one more effort to find out "in writing" why they aren't giving you more shifts .. so you can show it to the "phone interviewer" via a fax to support a lay off otherwise known as a lack of work.

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