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can I collect if I have been fired for not being a "good fit"? - Massachusetts

by greg
(ashland, ma)

He said I was not a good fit for the job, I am in outside recruiting for a school program. He said I did not put files in alphabetical order and it was suppose to be done before I left last week. I said to him "you told me you want them in folders the next time I come in. There are twenty folders of deadbeat students who did not have $25 for the application fee. These folders do not destroy the company's business. 90% of the people never come in for the finance appt. and pay the $25. The files were in alpha order, but not in bins Instead the files were on the cabinet bottom draw. Then he said my voice mail did not work and I missed appts. I said I called the office back and did get the appts. and went on them. Then he said I am stressed out about my car and all the miles I drive. I said yes I am. Then he said you can use me for reference, and why don't you collect unemployment everybody else is. He sent a copy of a written warning I received my first month on the job to the unemployment adjuster. This was for not given a student a copy of no job guarantee form. I was new and it never happened again. He told the adjuster fired for insubordination. Several times I was told to handle alphabatizing the files. They were in alpha order but not in bin slots in the file cab. draw. The adjuster said there were other warnings with my signature of them. This worries me if they are forging my signature. These issues are not minute my real work was to enroll people at their homes into the schools program to set them up for a finance appt. The unemployment adjuster asked did you sign anything at time of firing. No, it was quick.

Hi Greg,

Okay, I can see why the employer might have said you were fired for insubordination. It's really not up to you to determine whether a direct order from a supervisor is relevant or not.

But beside that .. you're telling me you never signed any written warnings, but one and that you were fired for incorrectly doing a job "not in your job description"? .. correct?

I'm just trying to find some viable direction for the appeal you're probably going to have to make .. even in Massachusetts because I think there's only one other state that gives more benefits which is probably the reason for the employer's sarcasm about everyone getting unemployment.

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being fired
by: Anonymous

How do you see insubordination in my explanation. He said they better be in slot bins by the next time you come in. He fired me upon arriving in. Therefore, it was impossible to do. Yes I only received one written warning when I was new, and not used to procedure at the house yet. Filing is not in my job description. Title is outside enrollment rep.

I thought you said it was to be done by the time he came in ..

Filing wasn't in your job description .. maybe that could be your argument .. if you have a copy of the job description.

As for the signatures on the non-existent write-ups I used to check for that kind of thing when I thought an employer was trying to pull a fast one. I never did see a good forgery.

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