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Can I collect if I have only been at a job for 1 week? NYS

by anon
(New York, NY)

I recently left my job to join a new company. However, I have learned that the position has an extremely high turnover rate in the past year. I don't know the reasons given for the previous terminations. I have a feeling I might be let go and my question is, if my new employer does decide to fire me, can I collect unemployment benefits? Even if I have only been at company for one week?

Hi Anon,

To put it simply and succinctly, it depends on whether the employer can prove it was for misconduct or not.

It is the separation from "the most recent work" that determines whether you will be entitled to unemployment, but you have this additional problem.

You said you voluntarily left your previous job. If that separation is found to be without good cause .. one week of employment at a subsequent job isn't long enough to purge New York's voluntary quit disqualification .. which is 3 days work in each of 5 weeks and to earn at least 5 x WBA in subsequent employment.


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