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Can i collect if i quit after 1 day? I have been laid off for 3 mths???

by Steve

Ok, so i have been laid off for 3mths and collecting and i finally found a job. Way less pay but only worked 1 day, if i quit can i still collect? The job is way more than 1 I thought it was. Even after 1 day. CAN I STILL COLLECT??? I am in Michigan

Hi Steve,

You might be able to, but the state will now need to make a decision of whether the work was suitable for you.

You can't avoid it because most states require that employers report "new hires".

So I think the best place to start .. would be the Michigan Boar of Review Digest I suggest checking out the decisions under Refusal of work and voluntary quitting.

The wage difference jumped out as a possibility long before "the job is way more than I thought it was" did. We do have some responsibility to find out what a job entails before we accept it. Were you misled in some way?

Michigan will deny your benefits if this job paid at least 70 percent of the gross pay rate you received prior to being unemployed. I found that information on page 27 of the nonmonetary chartbook at the USDOL.

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