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Can I collect if I quit , when Armored car company puts me in danger.

by John Trombert

I work at an armored car company for 15 years. Recently,and for a while because they have not hired people they need, they have me drive an armored truck. I do not have a weapon or vest and did not need a permit to carry when hired 15 years ago. They also have me transport cash from some atm's in my personnel car. This is a very dangerous position they put in. I have told them that I do not want to do this, but their answer is the same all the time. It is just temporary, until they hire more people, but they never have the people. I plan on leaving, before something bad happens to me. Companies like this , need be held accountable for their actions.

Hi John,

It depends.

Have you documented the times you spoken to the company about your concerns?

What are the laws or regulations for the company regarding this procedure?

How long has this been going on?

The problem with questions like this John .. is that since you will be quitting .. it's not enough to simply think it sucks .. you have to prove it sucks and that any REASONABLE person in the same situation would also quit because despite their best "documented efforts" .. the company refused to comply with a request ... It helps you if the employer is in "violation" of a law or regulation too.

Safety concerns can be good cause to quit, but you need to cross all your t's and dot all your i's.

I'm telling you John, that I don't have enough information to form an opinion .. and you would be wise to understand that the state unemployment department also needs details to form an opinion.

This is why I offer consultations John.

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