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can i collect if i was fired for absenteeism? Pa.

by patti

I recently was fired from my job for calling off work twice in 15 days. On both occasions I used the proper call off procedures. Also both occasions were for the following. The first occasion was because I took my daughter in-law to the hospital, she was having a miscarriage. I stayed with her and my son at the hospital, explained this to my boss and also turned a Dr's note in verifying that I was at the hospital for the miscarriage and subsequent medical procedure. Two weeks later I again called off using the proper call off procedure because my elderly mother was hospitalized for five days, of those five days I needed to be the one family member that was with her for the first two days and therefore missed two days of work. Again I supplied a Dr's note stating I was in the hospital with my mother and my presence was necessary to help with her care. They fired me any way. My work performance was very good and my employer told me that, but said I was being terminated because I wasn't dependable. I never went in late or anything like that. Can I collect?

Hi Patti,

If you asking me what I think .. I'd say probably yes, but I'd also ask how long you had worked for the employer, if you had ever been written up for attendance before these last two time.

I think your reasons for being gone were compelling and necessitous, but it is the state that ultimately decides. Not me.

You just need to move forward with what you do have .. proper call off and documentation to show you were doing what you told the employer you were doing.

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