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Can i collect if i was working a contract/temp job through an agency and was let go from my position earlier than told and signed my the agency (TX)?

by Gina
(Dallas, TX )

An agency company called me for a job that would be 6mth to an year and possible permanent.

I started working in February 2011 and till August 2011. My 6mth would have been august 26th, 2011, however i got a call from my agent that the company no longer has a need for me because they had no more work(which was not true), when in fact there was a lot of work i was currently doing and would have currently been doing. I unfortunately left(was dismissed)and had left a lot of work undone because i didn't have enough time to finish it before i left

So i had about two weeks left until the 26th(which was my original notification date) to know weather i can continuing working at the "client's company" and so forth. However, i was told by my agent i would get a 30 day notification if my contract was not being extended. Since i didn't receive a call in the first week of august i assume (which i shouldn't) that my contractor would have been extended till august. Since i was getting paid through the agent and not the client company, Can i file for unemployment since my term ended earlier than i was told?


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