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Can I collect on a pension while collecting NY unemployment?

(New York)

I worked for company XYZ that solely contributed to my pension account. Company XYZ was bought out by company ABC in August 2008 and I was transitioned to company ABC. Company ABC did not contribute to my pension account. I was part of a workforce reduction in July 2010 and started collecting NY unemployment. In 2011 I become eligible to collect on the XYZ company pension. Can I collect both my pension and NY unemployment?


The following assumes this .. that your "base period" or BP (the four quarters of wages benefits are calculated on) is 1/1/09 through 12/31/09. (Check your monetary determination or "award letter)

If I have all the facts straight .. this means company XYZ is not a base period employer therefore, the pension you are receiving from XYZ should not affect your unemployment benefits because all the wages in your base period came from company ABC

USDOL Non-Monetary Chartbook 2010 (See Page 39)

NYDOL (See #11 because most of it is about when benefits must be reduced.

Warning to anyone reading this not located in NY .. this is a state specific issue that can and does vary from state to state.

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