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Can I collect remaining unemployment benefit after temporary work in Florida?

by Anonymous

July 2008 my employer laid me off due to the slow economy. I was working for this company 19 month. I filed for unemployment benefits and was approved for the maximum amount. Then in October I was offered full time employment which I accepted and stopped claiming benefits. The company I started working for was doing very well and I was happy to had found a good paying job. However, in January of 2009, I did not even finish my 3 month probation period, my new employer had to let me go. Again due to the very slow economy in Florida. I filed for unemployment again and started to receive benefits. Now I received an offer for part time employment for a temporary assignment lasting about 2 month. I would like to take the offer but can I reopen my old claim after this temporary assignment is over? How is the procedure to file unemployment when you already know that the job is temporary? Will the Unemployment Agency ask this new employer why the assignment was temporary? Will my benefit be recalculated after this temporary assignment? Am I filing every time a complete new unemployment claim or do I get benefits form the old established claim? Thanks for any clarifying answer.

Hi Anonymous,

Whole lot of let's start from the top. Yes you can reopen your claim. Let's see, two month would take you to May. Your benefit year ends sometime in July. If you are close to exhausting your 26 weeks of benefits you should be able to get an extension when they run out and of course when July comes you have earned enough to qualify for a second benefit year.

Actually refusing suitable work whether permanent or temporary is good cause for disqualifying someone from getting further benefits. If the pay is less the your WBA you could continue filing weekly and receive partial benefits.

Also, if the temp job is through a temp agency be aware there are special provisions for temp workers. Not all, but many states require the worker to report to the agency within a specified time limit to request further assignments. Failure to do so can result in a voluntary quit determination prohibiting receipt of benefits as well as for refusal of future suitable assignments.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you.
by: Anonymous

This is helping me. The temporary job is not from a temp. agency. It is from a private company. One more question. Do I understand this right, that by working now all the contribution that the employer makes are going to to be used when calculating a second year extension? And will have not effect on my previous claim! Thank you for your help.

Yes. When and if it comes time to file for a second "benefit year" the state will look at wages in the base period determined by the filing date.

UI Benefits
by: Anonymous I was laid of in Jan of 2010. I received severance, so no UI to file until it was exausted. Well, a long term temp job came along. I took it. Meanwhile, my severance ended. When this temp job ends, will i still get my full benefit qoated to me before I started working this job?

Define temp job.

I want to know how you got the temp job. Through the company you are temping for or a staffing agency that gave you a temp assignment for one of their clients.

contract work question
by: computerbanker

I worked thru a middleman for a client. The client had no more work. I called the middleman my last day and told them.

In this industry, middlemen don't have jobs available. They just google and match up individuals with their clients. In my case, I found the job and then went to the middleman, who paid me W-2.

Its pretty clear that the middleman has no work for me. If he did he would of told me about it. I considered my conversation him an implicit request for another assignment. The company thought otherwise, and my claim has been denied.

Do I have a leg to stand on?


Never heard of a temp agency referred to as a middleman, but I would think you have a leg to stand on .. because that is what you'd have to show if it were a temp agency .. and it sounds like they protest benefits just like one too.

So yes, appeal .. because I think this is nothing less than the state of Florida giving the benefit of the doubt to the middleman vs. the employee for their own sake .. trying to hold on to as much to the benefits they should be paying.

The departmental determination denial alone, is what makes many people give up .. without ever filing an appeal.

working during severance pay
by: Anonymous

I am receiving severance pay from the company I worked for more than 20 years I will be elegible to receive unemployment compensation after 3/2013 when severance pay ends can still qualify for unemployment if during severance pay I work temporary.


Apparently, the severance is prohibiting you from collecting partial benefits .. and even temporary work can stop the payment of benefits in any week you report earnings that would wipe out the WBA.

Whether you receive benefits when the severance runs out will depend upon the reason for separation from the last temporary employment.

The last employment must now be for a qualifying reasons as that is what controls your rights to benefits going forward .. whether the separation from the job you're now receiving severance from was qualifying or not.

There shouldn't be any problem regarding the monetary determination as it is the severance that's probably wiping out a weekly benefit if you can't even collect partial benefits.

The severance is being considered wages .. therefore, theoretically .. it's still like you're employed, but I suspect you know this because you filed a claim.

But there's other ways to look at this and in fact too many considerations popping up in my mind .. that you didn't mention any details about.

That's only because I tend to look for potential problems with a claim .. which is basically what I mean when I write the word prepare.

What you don't understand .. ask me about and please be specific .. including dates.

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