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can i collect umemployment in ny if i have childcare issues

by mummie

I live in ny and have a 2 year old daughter i work as a front desk reception and also seem to think i am also an office assistant to all my employees and also the office cleaner when she is not there. I have a babysitter who is not really much reliable and often is late which causes me to be late to get to work after i drop her off. Due to this i get written up for being absent for taking her to the dr and having notes and also being late for the babysitter issue i am really looking to get another babysitter but it is really hard to really look if i come home late and weekends the babysitters are closed i also have a problem with the ones that i found because she is not potty trained and she is not 2.6 years old. I have discussed this with my boss who said she will give me time off to look about a babysitter but then didn't do it anymore and suspended me for taking my daughter to the hospital and then coming to work after i called her. She is also the hr president which doesn't help. she is pressuring me to quit i feel because she is always saying i am gonna give you some time over the weekend to think if this is right for you if you want to be here and if i can handle this type of work setting more than 3 times she called me in her office for this. I just got my 6months review and it was a d she said its not like a d of a grading system so dont worry, but before i got a b+ on my 3momth review. I am so tired of her picking on me when others have the same issue and since i havent been there a year i am at target. I aksked if there is something else in the company she said no but i found out that she is advertising my position and also one for a weekend receptionist she told me if she had something she would switch but she hasnt said anything. I need to know if she fires me for the lateness issues due to the childcare can i collect.

Hi Mummie,

I really depends on what she can prove and what you can prove and from what I read in your account .. you will very possibly have a problem. If she is advertising your position .. she's probably getting ready to fire you.

You can understand how NY decides if you can get unemployment because of childcare or domestic circumstances on Be sure to check out what's under misconduct and voluntary leaving.

You might also want to explore this website and it's forums as well as signing up for the free email course.

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