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by christian

well i was late a couple of times because of family issues with court and jail and moving to a new apartment. so two weeks ago my boss said to me i am giving you a written warning, i said fine he said be late one more time your fired and i will make sure you will not collect unemployment all this while swearing at me. he also said he would fight it to the end. my thing is i got one verbal warning months prier to this because i did not have a car, but everything had changed now because of the court and everything else that i said on the top of the page they are doing this. so do you think i can collect other than the fact he was swearing at me and then told me that. i have been working here for 9 months.


Honestly, it depends on the things you didn't mention.

Things like:

What is the employers policy? What is the progressive discipline that you can expect.

Did you properly inform the employer that you would be late.

Family emergencies due to court and moving to a new apartment are the types of things that can be prearranged with an employer.

I think the best thing you've got going for you is the fact that you live in Connecticut.

Unless they have changed the statutes recently about attendance .. an employer has a very hard time winning attendance cases of any kind if they are not meticulous in documenting and adhering to the requirements of the statutes .. which even I think are ridiculous.

This is what CT says:

The Administrator shall find that tardiness constitutes wilful misconduct, under section 31-236-26, only if the pattern of tardiness constitutes either wilful disregard of the employer’s interest as defined in section 31-236-26a of these regulations or a knowing violation of a reasonable and uniformly enforced rule or policy of the employer, when reasonably applied, as defined in section 31-236-26b of these regulations.

Here is the link to section 31-236-26b It's a pdf, so be patient.

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