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Can I collect unemployemnt after being fired for taking too long to test drive a vehicle?

by Ron
(Dayton, Nevada)

I am a mechanic and had been working at the shop in question for 5 months following a relocation from another state. I left my job (of more than 8 years) in California willingly in order to relocate my family to Nevada where I had a job waiting. The first job in Nevada fell through for unknown reasons after just 1 week. I found a new job and was there for 5 months, then today I was fired for being "too slow." When I questioned what "too slow" meant I was told it was because I was gone for 27 minutes on a test-drive last week. The test drive was on a vehicle that needed to be warmed up to a high operating temperate in order to make sure that the correct repairs would be made. I drove from my work to the Wal-mart and back, about 10 minutes each way. When I returned I was delayed in traffic due to construction (right outside my building) for another 10 minutes.

I was given no warning at all and no one ever said a thing about the long test drive or asked why it took so long. In fact other mechanics often take 30 minute test drives and sometimes even longer when the job requires it.

The shop owner wanted to reduce the mechanics to 2, and one was supposed to leave last week but decided to stay and suddenly I am let go. I feel that I was fired to save money for the company and for no other reason. I had no prior problems with this employer and no reason to expect that I would be fired.

Hi Ron,

File for unemployment. You've worked long enough to purge any disqualification that may (although shouldn't be) imposed.

When you have your interview .. tell them just what you told me.

No misconduct, benefits should follow and even if the employer says it was misconduct you said things that counter any argument on all levels.

Just my opinion. Which, by the way, I rarely feel so adamant about.

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