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Can I collect unemployment after working abroad?

by Parker

I have been collecting unemployment but found a temporary job overseas. It only lasts two months. Will I be able to reopen my claim again when I return?

I don't see why not, but just to be safe .. call your unemployment department and ask them. This is what they're there for.

It basically come down to "able and available". I suspect that when you do reopen your claim .. they will feel the need to investigate because it is always the "separation from the most recent work" that determines whether you can access the benefits you are monetarily qualified for.

In your case, since you will be working abroad .. and possibly not in "covered employment", I think calling the department and finding out the best way to deal with your claim is an assertive way to attempt to reduce the amount of time it will take them to investigate .. when you get back.

I just answer questions based on what I know about unemployment .. and one of things I know is that when you have an unemployment claim .. the government, basically becomes your boss and they don't pay you when they think they have any excuse not to .. so "documented" communication with the department just seems the wise thing to do.

Many state unemployment departments offer you the ability to contact them via email .. this is good for you because it makes for less confusion down the road.

Every claim is supposed to be noted scrupulously, but I'm not one to rely on others to always do what they should do .. therefore, from experience in dealing with UI departments I say CYA always, without fail.

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