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can I collect unemployment and social security payments at the same time?

by Charlotte Jender-Boyce
(Pompano Beach,fl)

I live in florida, I'm 63 years old and collecting social security payments. My work as a dance teacher has been cut short, on 6/07/09, by my employer by two weeks,and I return to work at the start of the schools in this area. That would be on 9/10/09.

Am I eligable for unemployment during this time?
Thank you,
Charlotte Jender-Boyce

Yes you would be if you meet all other conditions to qualify .. by this I mean sufficient wages in your base period and if it is a private employer. If it's for a public school, you then have a possible problem due to something called "reasonable assurance".

According to the
(Table 5-17, Florida does not reduce unemployment benefits due to receipt of social security payments.

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Nov 28, 2011
confused in NJ
by: Anonymous

I was terminated from my job in november of 2010 after one of my numerous surgeries within the past 5 yrs. I was let go because I exhausted my medical leave of absence. I worked in NJ and I live in NJ.

I applied 3 months ago for SSDI and got approved ( just last week) retroactive to May of 2011. I am still collecting unemployment and would like to know if I can continue to receive UI payments. I can probably work just a few hours a week, I would like to be able to go back to work! At least try little by little. So I've been looking for work (Part time, to try it). I have read so much about this subject and I am very confused.

SSDI is aware that my condition can improve w/proper medical care.

It's important not to confuse regular unemployment with temporary disability type unemploymenttemporary disability type unemployment in states that have it such as they do in NJ.

I believe your limitation of hours to work each week will prohibit you from collecting regular unemployment benefits.

Apr 13, 2010
New Jersey Unemployment and Social Security
by: Anonymous

i live in nj and want to know if i can collect both unemployment social security


New Jersey does not reduce unemployment benefits due to payments from social security according to the USDOL page 40.

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